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Monday, August 15, 2011

good start to a Monday.

While Mondays are always gloom... my ride yesterday is carrying me through the dread... I've already lost my first cup of coffee, as I dropped it on the hard wood floors with in seconds of getting it.A beautiful hand made mug I enjoyed... its life was well served!    A new mug and a new pot of coffee on the way.

It is dark outside, but the cool air bellows through the screens around my desk as I work.    I am enjoying the silence, the crickets, and the hum of the fan in the next room.   tap tap of the key board...

While I have a list a mile long to do today... it is starting out well enough,  and I can only hope the same for the rest of the world- MINUS loosing that ever needed nectar of the gods...

Love amber.

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