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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What is it that requires me to have a horse?

I wish I could blame it on my maternal grandfather, whom of course fed my every whim, and encouraged me to do anything the boys did.    As the only grandchild of that day I had a pony by the age of three.  Of course he chased the pigs and had to find a new home by my age of 5.  I will never forget that day! YEP! My father held me in his arms at the front porch as my paw paw helped the new owners load my best friend and take him away.  I was crying, bawling more like it! I had to drive by his new house, new owner... Lisa everyday.  It was heart breaking for years.

No matter the reason the issue is I am not a person with out a horse.  I have had several, and if I didn't have one, I found one to ride.  I miss friendships that surrounded horses, like Blaze! A beautiful horse of a friends, a friend I wish I still had on a daily basis but... she moved to a private school, got married, had children, and our lives drifted apart.  

I tried for several years to go without a horse, but my heart ached, my mind froze, and my body went limp.  Now I have TWO horses, both a present from my dear love, both whom get more attention than my sweet loving husband, but so do his motorcycles!  

What is it about a horse?
The look?
It makes me tear up when I see a horse run with a passion, bucking, rearing, and enjoying the day.  I can only imagine the thoughts, its joy of freedom, and its lust for life.

The smell?
Oh just to smell a horse, unlike other animals there is little of a horse I can not handle.  While no one likes the ammonia of sitting horse pee.... this is the humans fault! as horses don't choose to burn their lungs any more than we do.  But even the poop of a horse is bearable to me, the smell of their breath, the smell of their fur, and the way they make the air around them smell that much sweeter by just being what they are.  A majestic animal that has the power to engulf me and carry me into another world all together.

The feel?
Oh the softest of feelings is the nose of a horse, The strongest is the rump of a horse, and the fact that they can access both is amazing.  A horse can be a soft or as strong as is needed, is required of a rider, or sadly enough as tough as people make them.  

While some think horses are stupid, not as smart as a dog! I beg to differ, and invite those non belivers to my barn.  Where my horses back up! and get out of "my room" ( the feed/hay stall) on verbal command.  They respond left/ right, over etc... all on a trail.   They associate my verbal commands with that of my hands and legs and are learning to respond in accordance to the request.  No different than a dog!

I believe it is the emotional pull of a horse that is the most additive to me.  It is that "perfect" ride! The one where human and horse are one, I think it, they do it.   It is that childhood dream of floating on a cloud, with the wind in your face,and the power beneath you so you don't fall.    

Sweet Pea is slow to trust, Navarre is who he is no matter the situation.
Sweet Pea has never OPENED UP and just let it go, she is more protective of me, Navarre, and any other rider, but let her loose and she is as graceful as the wind, as fearsome as water with its silent strength, a delight to watch move when she is happy.

Navarre is level headed ... He is still too young for me to OPEN UP completely, but he has on his own in senseless chase of Sweet Pea as he has no real speed. But his power is so complete it is fearful! When he unleashes the strength in his hind end it is unreal, breath taking, and I am in awe... His mane catches in the wind and blows up into my face as I gracefully ride up and down on his every move.  A mane so fairy tail like it makes the childhood dreams of floating on a cloud a reality!

Why do I go through so much for these horses? Where will you draw the line? I am asked these all the time.  They are a part of my heart that no human can touch, they are as much of me as a child would be, and I am not a good human with out them.  I will go through what I can, I will do all I can, and I will protect and assist these animals in every way I have possible to me.   They are me! I see my faults in them, I see my pain in them, I see the good person I want to be in them, the mean "mare" I can be at times, and the silly gelding I am when I am in a good mood.    We are a package!  

Thank goodness I have a husband that has his passions as well.  Otherwise this " love affair" with my horses would not be possible in my marriage.

Thank you honey! I do love you! and I'd love to have you ride with me, to the top of the mountain where the wild flowers blanket the landscape in beautiful colors of spring, or gazing down on the colors of fall.  Life is beautiful and slow from the back of a horse.

What ever your passion I hope you enjoy it!

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