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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Private Messages...

Let me just put the record straight.

I know this is not the normal thing to want to do.
I also know it is NOT the ideal time of year to do it.
But I'm past my prime, and if it is going to get done, it needs to be as soon as possible; as my life gets no longer, and I've put it off long enough.

We all do things that make our choices worse ... this is one of those times.
EVERY choice in life we make has a consequence, this is my self created out come.  WINTER...

Before everyone gets all bent out of shape, here are the facts!
Our ancestors did it!
We now have better gear for both animal and human to survive worse weather than will ever be experienced in the tiny region of the "STATES" that are up for discussion.  Have you ever been out west?   For all sake's last July I was still hiking in Snow!  So lets put this into a realistic situation here...

I can't take off the ENTIRE month.. I still have to work... so there will be stops and re-starts... there will rest days for the horses (work days for me) they.. the horses.. will be in their comfortable little barn and paddock at home;  getting the best of care, and sucking up attention from the neighbors kids as usual.    We at the MOST will only be camping  four nights a week.  Come on... Almost anyone can do that with the right gear!   This is not an act of courage it is merely a weight on my shoulders that must be removed, as I put it there I am the only one that can take it away... Thus I am not canceling this trip!   I may for one reason or another have to delay a travel day, I may for some reason have to give the horses more rest than scheduled, but I need to be pushed to my limits! as long as it is to my limits, and not beyond my limits as I still have to work and be productive for my jobs that will await me at home.

The only real danger is the cold in terms of me... Not for the horses.  Please... has anyone ever known me not to take care of my horses?   I will have rain coats for the horses, and ONE quilt for Sweet Pea until we get out of the mountain range.

Navarre with ice hanging off him, and still all he wanted to do was play!
One of my horses is Perfectly made for such an adventure! The other will get oil, hay, feed , a quilted blanket and anything else she needs.  Life goes on and so will this trip!

I do appreciate the concerns!
I do appreciate the cheers and the statements of how off the wall I am!
I do appreciate everything there is to know from anyone else that has done this or more!

Love to everyone even those who are worried out of their minds! Trust me If I need help I'll call someone!

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