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Monday, August 22, 2011

It's the little things

I know I live in a strange place!  Rarely does someone NOT drive on the wrong side of the road, as they straighten out a curve.  Rarely does someone go the speed limit, and if you do! you're more likely to get hit from behind!

Life is fast, busy, and a pace I never knew it was going to be, but I live it! I hang on, I do my best, and I try to slow it down as much as possible where ever I can.

But tonight it was the simple act of several someones taking turns at a one lane bridge.   (I cross this bridge 6 times a day as I go to and from the barn)  Normally who ever hits their brakes first stops, while the on coming traffic barrels over the creek as fast as possible, more often than not with whom ever behind them stuck to their bumper as if lava rolling down the mountain at them.

Tonight it was the act of kindness of as each person stopped and allowed the next to go.  I was the last one in line, but just seeing the act of kindness was a lift of my spirit.  It was the simple act of each person treating the other as they wanted to be treated.

It is the simple things in life!
From a hand written note, a cold drink of water, down to the daily hum drum of stopping at a one lane bridge and allowing others the right to go instead of TAKING their turn for speed.

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  1. It is the simple things....I just finished writing 10 notes to persons in my congregation. I hope that the simple words on a card will brighten their day as they pull it out of the mailbox. It is truly the simple things.