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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Now everyone else can laugh too!

I worked on a farm once that I enjoyed so much I vowed to use a few of the owners processes of management.  This man had a tractor for every job, not an attachment to be changed for every issue.  You could get a weeks worth of work done in two days because you didn't mess with the issues of parking, detaching and perfectly lining up to and attaching the next attachment.

Not until today did I realize I took this vision a little too far!
You gotta laugh at this one!

For a family of two... Who I claim to live below their means... We have so many vehicles it's not funny.

Get a load of this!
Ford Explorer (soon to convert into business vehicle only)  ... used to haul motorcycles, pick up customers with issues, comfort driving long distances. But we hate the gas mileage, with a passion.
Ford F250...   used to haul hay, manure, supplies and horses... not a vehicle we drive everyday.
Honda Insight... used as an everyday vehicle 12 years old and still getting over 50 miles to the gallon, who could afford to let that one go?

Business has      Ducati 1098   and      BMW K1200s   both used for engineering purposes! ha ha ha...

Now the husband is adding the Mini as his everyday vehicle We are going to look like a family / auto lot!

BUT there all paid for... So who can come down on us?

The 250 is a diesel and low mileage... People try to buy it all the time! even though she's my only means of horse hauling and beat to H#!!  I have men make offers all the time.
The Explorer is low mileage, as Jerry is a hermit communicating more though the written word than face to face.  Somewhat due to his hearing loss, but ? not really he's always been that way.  This vehicle will soon become very low mileage as it will be driven maybe once or twice a month when the mini comes along.
My car... Please ... I am constantly on the go, constantly going from one appointment to the next, this car was the best thing I ever purchased!   Jerry hates it, but I enjoy it not only because it's fun to drive but... saves me so much at the pump.

I once followed my Aunt and Uncle from Nashville to Gatlinburg... In doing so, Steve filled up his SUV in Nashville, again when almost there!  He was pumping his gas, I got out to stretch.  He said your feet must be killing you, in that Flintstones of a car!   Oh yeah I said ... but I haven't used 1/4 tank of gas... your filling up again!   He didn't say another word about my car after the joke he was trying to pull on me turned out to back fired on him.

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