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Thursday, March 14, 2013

It is amazing! 
My heart rate is down, my blood pressure is down, my mind is SOOOOO much clearer. 

I have put out several resumes.

BUT my most proud achievement of the day was my quaker coming out of her room today. She has been so unhappy with me being gone.  She rarely goes to Jerry but screams for him LATE into the night right now because he has been the only one home during daylight hours.  The only one she could rely on... you know... I'm the missing parent she is mad at!!!! mad enough to bite, draw blood, and bruise my hands, arms and neck... if she runs up my arm!

I got to see the horses four times today.  They seem to be slightly happier, they are both eating better.

I got to share the place with someone I hope to be friends with as time passes.  I was glad the estate was a peaceful for her as it is me. 

eating my basics again...
potato soup
bean soup
you know... all the dried or cheap things.... but... already gaining weight, body settling back to normal.  Life can get worse, but life is SWEET right now!

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