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Monday, March 25, 2013

Winter Coats.

Life here is very strange, as life would have it the furry between human expectation, old man winter, and mother nature are all at odds.

In the brief moment of sun yesterday Navarre rolled in the mud but instead of being coated in mud the ground was coated with his long white hair.

The temperatures are below freezing each night and he needs that hair, but as the sun rises higher and longer his body knows it needs to be getting rid of the hairy beast he becomes in the winter.  For him this is critical.

For Sweet Pea, she had no good winter coat and in this rain and cold her rain coat is not enough.  The poor thing has to have a fleece layer at night.  While it is wet when I remove it each morning it is dry by the time I replace it, if not I put a blanket I made into a coat for her under the rain layer. 

The rain layer will have to be replaced this year as soon as they go on sale.

Life is tight but I will have to get her a new coat... Navarre will last another year of two with out one but then due to his PPSM or EPSM (which ever your vet uses)  I am sure I will have to start to accommodate his to keep his muscle tissues warm so he can move easier as he ages as well.

LIFE ...
Oh well on to playing with all the birds this morning...
My love to the world

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