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Monday, March 18, 2013

Mr. Heimlich ...

Life with one less friend.
I knew it was coming, but you never expect that call.

My daddy took my cat when he moved out of the farm house and into his newly built home in Goodlettsville.  My father loves cats and I had three dogs and was about to start traveling myself... so it was fine with me, as I could still visit and get updates at any time.

Besides little did I know Daddy and Heimlich were made for each other.  Heimlich trained daddy to do what ever he wanted, when he wanted and exactly how he wanted. 

Heimlich had a routine...
Out in the morning ask to come back inside
Out in the morning and ask daddy to come brush him, then returning inside again.
Out in the morning as soon as the other cats started coming around, watch over his dirty water bowl, and back inside when ever he felt like it.

Daddy allowed this cat to do anything... rummage through the newly insulated attic.  Go in and out of the garage at any point requested.  He'd pick him up for the bed, the sofa and even the arm chair.

This cat had daddy wrapped around his paw and I loved watching it each time I visited.

Heimlich snuggled next to me each time I visited until the last few times.  At this point they were two old men dependant on each other and wanting nothing to do with a woman who came in and out of their lives.

My hat is off to Dad, who after getting an ex-ray and seeing the horror inside of little Heimlich (who never grew into those large paws of his) Daddy decided to make his journey to the next phase an easy going one instead of a painful journey all the way down that lonely road.

Dad had Heimlich put down this morning.... I got a text ... and rushed to call.  I knew something was wrong.  I worry now about my Dad... they were two old men keeping the other going... I just want my Dad to be as happy as Heimlich was.

Heimlich got his name at Paradox Farms... he was a FAT, SNOTTY little cat that kept getting under the feet of BOY each time I exercised him.  Brian R named him... it stuck.. it was so cute and fit him perfectly. 

Heimlich was a sweet little fat cat.... no longer in such pain....
sleep well my little fat black boy... sleep well.

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  1. So sorry... the right thing to do is really hard sometimes. :(