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Friday, March 29, 2013

Pinesol, Bleach, and Soap.

Got all stocked up on Bleach... No I do not like having to use it but I do like washing my blankets in bleach merely because they get washed so rarely.  They carry such horrible things... and they STINK with only soap and vinegar. Trust me i've tried it but it's just not enough...

Soap.... I tend to use as natural a soap as I can make or get so I can reuse the grey water.

Pinesol... All because Flies do not like the smell of it and I do.
I so enjoy washing out a stall with pinesol, I've gotten to where I on occasion will wash out the under hang of the barn as well.

Fly traps are out and will get filled up with water on the next good sunny warm day.

Fly feed through has been used all winter... each day so no matter what is attracted to the estate it will not be able to multiply.  There are after all cows up the mountain and down the mountain all within a two mile radius of their allowed travels... So... one must do what she can do to keep it all under control.

Horses have been out on grass a little... but only minutes at a time.
Sweet Pea will get a few hours in the morning.... while Navarre gets used to a friends dog.

I have also cut ... by hand... some of the feather grass in the pasture and I will have to keep an eye on it as the season progresses.

Lots done, but so much more to do as life never sleeps at the barn.

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