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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lots of grass

I have created a page on Pintrest only a few shots of horses... Some are my photos... Most are those which caused me to stop when I was scrolling electronically.

intense, I have  been looking for years for this head/fly band... found once ... was too expensive.Please feel free to see what I have collected...
Please read the script on the heading of the collection.wrprincenavarre my horse collection

If you are not a Pintrest member... Here is what I say about me, about horses, about this collection.

Horses are a dream, a want, a pleasure; but to some of us they are our life line.  I have tried living without a horse.  I do not fare well, my marriage does not fare well; as without a horse my breath is short, my mind all muck, and my heart broken as if I have fallen from the earth and am afloat the universe were no one can find me, a darkness that keeps me from seeing the light of even the brightest and warmest candle flame.  Horses are a part of me.

But back from my dreams... Here as of today...  I am a woman with no job.  I am putting in resumes' each day, I have several cover letters and I am looking for most anything at this point.  Hoping I can get back into a doctor's office or a medical office of sorts.  But each day I do my best to allow me more time with my dear horses.

Navarre is looking better
But he needs a serious hair cut.  My time away wore his mane down as he was not brushed as often as he should have been.  So his mane down to his chest must go once again!  His forelock must be cut to about the same length.  It hangs in his face and can get into his mouth at this point which is not a good thing.

I have little to share other than Sweet Pea is getting on the pasture more and more each day.  Navarre is still stiff and is not allowed on pasture even with the mostly brown worthless long grass; he tends to dig for the lush green underneath causing us all a problem.

SO... she is more relaxed and he is upset, but atleast his pacing the fence keeps him moving... this is always a good thing with a horse with PPSM.

Life is good and I expect it to get even better.
My love to the world...

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