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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

As I wind things down at home, ready the horse feed as the outline of the trees start to appear.  I go in to the office to fulfill my two week notice.

Yes... I have to say my boss was such a human.
His eyes teared up.
He reluctantly accepted my notice, and then asked how I planed to work out my two weeks.

I had already figured I would support him and the business in any way he saw fit, BUT advised that I felt it inappropriate to be in the field, unless it was customer service only.

He somewhat agreed and is allowing me to support the office staff in their duties while I am still on the books.

Fair enough for me.

I then plan to continue my house cleaning... 8 months of no real cleaning is about to kill me.
I then plan to get back to Nashville for some business.
I then plan on getting all of he business taxes in order...
and then get a job, any job, and then to find a better job with benefits.!

ever changing..
ever beautiful IF you allow yourself to see, smell, and touch it as it should be for you.

No one can tell you what your life should be.  Only YOU control your world!

My love to mother earth...
My love to the world

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