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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I may loose followers

It may mean some of you decide not to read my post anymore.  That is fine if it suites you.

 First I don't make money off this blog so what does it really matter?
Second this is about equal rights!

Today is the day I will wear red.   WHY?  Because today is  chosen day for the right for ALL PEOPLE to marry whom ever they choose.

This is SUPPOSE to be a country free, equal, and open to others beliefs.

While I believe in Christianity, Boodism, Muslim, Jewish religions all different BUT all related one way or another if you dig deep enough.
While I believe we each have a calling, unique only to one person;  I do not understand how any human has the right to give judgement over another.   Where in ANY of your precious books does it say YOU have the right to judge your brother, sister, or extended family (the world) Yes there are extremes, but do you not forget these books were written by HUMANS? 
How one human sees themselves as higher, better, or more entitled than any other is beyond me.

We all eat
We all drink
We all should do our best to not harm the other
We all try to make our way in the world as we see it.

There are extreamist in EVERY corner of the world, and I refuse to be a part of a legal, pushy, and cowardly group telling anyone else whom they can fall in love with.  How do you control your heart?   What harm is anyone loving another harming YOU?  I am for protecting children but that is NOT the issue here, that is a seperate issue all together, so those who think this is related need to go jump off the bridge for uneducated, ignorant, and self scared people.

I know this goes against some teachings of today.   I know the human race (like any other animal) is suppose to multiply and prosper.  But as our higher power made these people who are YOU to judge the purpose of the higher power?   Who are you to destroy another?   Who are you to choose to emotionally chain, cage, and torture this human. 

Did you never think any and all of these people were sent here to challange YOUR stiffeld, archaic, and scared thoughts because YOUR HIGHER POWER IS TRYING TO CHANGE YOU!!!!!

And if this is the case may the higher power flood the world with those who love each other freely.  Who raise the children off cast by those who claim to be better.  Who contribute to this world as givers and who are a part of making this world a better place for all; including you who are against them.  Because what is an equal right for them today my be your rights trampled on in generations to come. 

Having equal rights is not about being a man, or a woman, it about being human.
These groups in general have a way of supporting those less fortunate.  If ever you find yourself in that group, shall you never forget the judgement you forced on your fellow human. 

If you are a woman judging ... shame on you ... as if life never changed you would be property of a man at his hand, and for him to do what ever he pleases as you are merely a thing and not human, not able to think for ones self, not able to make real decessions.
If you are man judging... shame on you... as you would likely 98% be the servant, slave, or even worse of another more fortunate man.  Never being allowed to keep your family, your children, or belongings.

This is not the story of African Americans this is also true of "Anglos" as most were not free men, but slaves of another or kept poor under the reign of a Ruler. 

This land... North America... was the mother of people who accepted two spirited people.  It should stay that way! 

Fighting for Equal Rights for ALL humans. 

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