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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What a difference visitors make.

It is amazing how having someone stop by can change the day!

Yesterday it was a friend and his child than came by...
We did very little but it was enough, enough to give me a boost.

  • I got to the barn 10 minutes late and they had swept my barn for me.
  • Gathered their hay.
  • I had the horses HOT feed with me.
  • We got Navarre brushed out, carefully so it didn't get into his hay or feed.  (right now you can't touch him without a hand full of hair coming off in your hand.  His Feathers are cut because he walks on them, his forelock needs cut, as does his mane but this will only happen as the weather gets warm and stays warm.  He needs the coverage in this freezing weather.
  • I got another layer put on SweetPea for another night of freezing rain, snow and wet issues.
  • We got the water tub cleaned out in our short time above freezing today... and got it filled up to the rim for the rest of the week.
Not much, but enough... Then we played watching Navarre be the spirited little boy he is.  It is so fun watching them be horses when they run and play.

It is so nice as of late to have a few friends come by enjoy the animals the quiet and the peaceful energy of the property.

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