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Thursday, March 21, 2013

memories or weather?

Everything is off the wall.
I knew it was going to be cold last night, there was little chance of rain and only flurries in the upper elevations.  By 5am I was up, warming my coffee from the press and glanced outside because of the frantic sound of trucks going up and down the road.  It was snow... snow all over the place.  NOT on my drive but high lofted on the grass. 

As I clean the floors once again (and there is a lot of dirt from only one day) I have on the TV the movie Stone Angel.  It only brings up what I have always thought, what I have seen in my decent size family the only thing you take with you is your memories.  They may be jumbled, they may be distorted over time but they are only owned and known by the carrier.

Why do people worry so much about how much they have, what they are going to leave, and how well they look in the eye of someone else.  I have never understood it, I have rarely played into the social standards, my only concerns are to take care of my husband, my animals and myself.  I look like a farm hand most of the time, but I do know how to use soap and water, press clothes and barely remember how to be social but I try.

My worry today is getting to the barn in the snow and making sure Sweet Pea has HOT mash for breakfast, plenty of hay for warmth, and I'll need to break open their ice for water.... Making sure the house is warm enough for the birds and trying to get a full time job. 

My horses... and a Job are the worries of my day. 

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