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Sunday, March 31, 2013

clearing weeds

I've been crazy working today.
I weeded the asparagus garden I started years ago, although I worry about all the rain we had this year and how they have yet to come up.  Normally these are one of the first foods to spring forward, but... not in sight as of yet.

  • I cut back the rose bushes again...
  • I propped them up better and cut off all the suckers.
  • re stacked all the bottles I had around the asparagus plants as mulch.  Collected bark to apply later when the plants emerge. 

Yep chipped all the polish I had applied two days ago... but at least you can't see the stain of the clay under my nails.

Some friends came over took photos of the horses... for a photography class she is taking... you know thirds and framing projects.

We brushed the horses off again... cleaned up all the crazy amount of hair, but there was no getting off the wet caked on mud.... Horses will be horses!

Met one of my new neighbors on his walk pass the estate.  Hope to meet his wife soon.  They live in the SWEET little A frame down the road.

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