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Sunday, March 24, 2013


I have said it a million times but a million and one can't hurt.

As drove Jerry and myself to the barn last night, we were passed and stopped by a neighbor.  Is your truck stuck by chance?  Yes! I can't get it out...

Long bed nothing in it and it is on the drainage route (nothing but moss) for water for my property not to mention the three properties up hill. Not to mention my tires SUCK... I got them OH???? only 5 years ago and only 40,000 miles ago... but the truck is rarely used but when it is; it is used to its maximum capacity.

He was on his way down he mountain to get food for the kids
He asked how long I'd be there... I had to ask Jerry just because he hates being at the barn unless he is reading, and he didn't have a book.

I'll go get food and be back as soon as I can he said!
Yes any help would be great!  Thank you I'll wait!

It worked perfectly. I let out Sweet Pea so she could eat as we waited.
got their feed ready
got out their hay
Got water going...
Started the truck and not five minutes later he was there hooking up my truck with his diesel dooley.  It actually took more than I expected to get my little truck out, but I was SOOOO happy once she was out and drivable again.

Jeff ... was his name... dog in tow... he has goats and issues with the bears up the mountain.  Now I owe him!  And happy to pay it back at any time needed!

Life is good when people just notice. 
My poor truck had been there two weeks now. ...  with little I could do about it, so to have someone offer to help I can't say thank you enough.

I am SO thankful for my neighbors.

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