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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Crazy weather.

Mother nature must be hormonal this year!

I've had 60 degree days freckled amongst the winter calender this year.  Today is expected to be in the 50's but tonight and for the next week everything is suppose to get down to freezing at night.

What does this mean?
Well for starters I'll have to keep Navarre brushed really well so he can regulate his temperature better.  I will have to blanket SweetPea as she was all a shiver just yesterday.  So... Instead of the brushing every other day to take care of that winter coat (sense Navarre is sweaty by 4 pm) I'll have to do it everyday for the next week. 

It also means I'm going to have to figure out covers for all my fruit trees.  Apples, Pears, Cherry and the almond.  They are all well on their way with fresh tender leaves and I don't want the blooms to freeze and not occur this year.  What's the big deal?  Well I have birds till the end of the month and I normally use these sheets/ covers to protect my table and floor... Oh well ... You just have to laugh get over it and get it done some how!

So... Rocks, Sheets, and Hay  on 6 trees Cover, Uncover... just one more thing to add to the twice a day things...   remember NO plastics! have to be cloth...

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