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Monday, April 1, 2013

Lilly did horses...I dug in the dirt.

I had Sweet Pea out to pasture before I realized Lilly had called.
She brushed off Navarre enough he almost looked white by the time we left.

But we tried something new today... I had already put out his hay by the time she got there so we tied him on the other side with no hay as she took the time to brush him down.  After all his half brother did almost die from eating hair.  After 7 dirty brushes he still wasn't slick, neither was he really clean but he was relaxed and was enjoying his rub down.

It was the first time he seemed to really enjoy Lilly brushing him.  He somehow forgot Sweet Pea was eating grass and he wasn't.  It was a good day!

After he relaxed I finished up my building blocks I was planting into the ground to support my next to the fence garden a little better.  So Now I just need to work on the soil and decide what plants should live there.   I covered the wretched looking concrete blocks with several different types of small logs supporting them with a piece of re bar left over from the barn construction. 

The spinach I planted (only days ago) is already sprouting and is doing wonderfully under the horse hair I used as mulch.  Its just the right amount of wool over the seeds to allow them to keep in heat and sprout ASAP. 

I also planted some shade plants today that have nothing to do with horses or food, but I hope they bring me, my guest, and even the property a relaxing state.

I got out the flower containers that I had stashed away for winter.  Now I just have to afford potting soil and flowers! 

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