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Friday, April 5, 2013

In a PANIC!!!!

As I sit here in front of the computer my eyes lids are heavy, my head bobbles, and my body aches.

What is the problem?

I never got to sleep last night with the realization that I have very little money for my horses.  We have gone through their emergency fund due to me not having an income for the past 9 months.  All I can think of is HAY, VET BILLS... and all the What IF's of what could happen.

I am boiling water again this morning for the horses and hot mash.
I am about to go to the barn but so many things are starting to pile up in my mind.

I have re-done my resume
I am about to call a friend to assist me in creating a better cover letter.

I am disappointed on searching for a job and the fact that you never get to see anyone before sending in a resume, rarely do you have a specific person to send the cover letter to, and when I call to follow up on a position I get sassy attitudes as if I'm am afflicted thinking I would be able to get any type of a simple answer to my questions.  Who is doing the hiring? By what time are they wanting to make a decision? Is there any way to follow my resume though the process? How do I know if anyone has looked at my resume? BASIC questions no one wants to hear much less answer.

I hate feeling desperate...
BUT I will step back today... make a new plan... and set forth a new direction this weekend to follow through for next week. 

Today is FRIDAY and all that means is... I have two days to figure out what I am doing wrong; and figure it out I will.  Point is if I can't I'll ask for help from others who have recently accomplished this same goal.



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