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Sunday, April 7, 2013

just another day.

Yesterday went well...

I got the raspberries in the ground, although one was shipped broken so I do not expect all six to survive.  I did however do all I could to aid the poor thing, I place growth hormones on it / bound it back together with organic materials and planted it as softly as I could.

They are all in a good sunny, protected space near the barn so I can keep an eye on them and keep them watered this year.

I got the pots on the deck mulched with Sweet Peas hair while Navarre was loving his brushing his rolling is starting to take care of most of his long seasonal hair.  I did however forget to take the good scissors so I will have to try to remember them for today. 

As much as I hate too I am going to cut his forelock, mane, and tail... saving some of it for a bracelet or something I can keep just in case I have to let him go.  Or something happens to him due to his PPSM/ EPSM .  I was talking to a horse person about this EPSM earlier and to my surprise people still confuse EPSM for epm... epm has NO relation to EPSM... please do your research or look on past post here for the complete differences.

The temperatures are not going to be as wonderful here as expected so I will not be able to bathe the horses today as I wanted.  But spring is around the corner and soon it will all start to flow as it should.

I head back to the barn today to clean out some more of that horrible brier stuff ... Not sure how today will go... but... I'm so excited it is going to be in the 60's, not raining, and I am able to be out in the sun.

My love to the world...

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