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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Helmets and Wraps READY!

I have my weather alarm set on Warning
I have the horse helmets at the barn as well as all the polo wraps.

? What ? Why?

We are expecting hail but I worry more about the tornado warning.   I know people love saying oh it never happens in the mountains etc... Well as I research it does... up to over 6000 feet and trust me there is nothing of that wonderful size on the eastern side of the country so...

My mere 3000 feet where the barn sits is always a possibility WITH the perfect storm.  Point is I'm not worried I'm just saying I'd rather be prepared.

Water over flow valve is open... expecting flash floods and hail so.... The only thing the over flow valve is going to hurt is all the tadpoles in the over flow tub/container.  My plants are going to love all this rain as the last few days the lettuce has been stressed in the middle of the day due to all the wind we have had lately.

Life is good
Navarre is being a lot more loving these days... even my husband noticed it today.
Sweet Pea is board but I can't ride them with out getting their feet done.

We all know last week I stopped by to schedule a food trim for them.  He told me to call him Wednesday, I called Tuesday due to this storm coming in.   Then he said he would call me, and he didn't... so I called him today.  He's out for a clinic this weekend and said he would call me Monday.  If he doesn't ? well it's the third strike.  BUT I'm screwed either way... I can tell Sweet Peas feet are bothering her.

Still looking for a good farrier I can depend on.  I was so hoping to keep Sweet Pea bare foot but I have to have some sort of a schedule to work with to get to and from the barn with a job, and especially looking for a job.

But again life is good, I await the storm, the wind is picking up, and the clouds darken the sky before sun down.

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