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Monday, April 15, 2013

in Pain!!!!!

As life goes on and several calls have been made to the vet, to the farriers I hoped for, and even went to beg someone else for help in the meantime.  To no avail... no one has called me back, no one has made a schedule including my kids and I can wait no longer.

So today I went and got my supplies after doing all my research, reading too much. and scared to death I had to get those nasty toes off my kids.

Navarre just about killed me, but he is walking better, chased the dog (a friends who was helping me, just in case I got kicked a little too hard) and seems to be doing better and well for all I can see.

Sweet Pea is very pleased with having less toe and begging for more attention.

I on the other hand and in so much pain I would take about anything anyone would offer at this point.  Nothing I've taken has touched the constant throbbing in my back! My knee locked up so intensely it took my breath away several times in the process of tanking care of the kids.

Thank GOD Bill came by to baby sit me... as I had asked....  No one to hold the kids and Navarre is a little young for one person.  So ... Besides that I have lost much of my hand and arm strength over the past few years and I could barely hold their foot perfectly still and take off as much as I needed to for their sake.

I took off what I could for Navarre... Sweet Pea on the other hand is perfect for another month! Excited about her feet... BUT HIS are going to be the death of me.  I'm not sure how I'm going to do all this by myself but... life goes on and 300 dollars less every six weeks adds up!   Only a little over... 3,720.00 a year... not including tips etc...

Life is CRAZY... and life it at its bare bones here! Thus one more thing I have to learn to do myself.  Although I would still prefer to find the perfect farrier get shoes for Navarre and have a full pour so I can ride him on the road.  Other wise I will have to turn him into a plow horse only.  Which is not a bad thing... but I had hoped to do so much more with him.

Oh well it all goes on...
Navarre has not had but 10 minutes total of grass in the past two weeks... a clump thrown at him here and there... a new high protein and Low Carb feed added to his rice bran it encouraging... the oil is a big thing though... it is a daily must.

My love to the world ... through all this crazy pain...

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