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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sitting on Navarre

A daily mount is so wonderful. 
Today my life consist of making sure Sweet Pea gets some grass but not too much, as the pasture is all green and perfect today.

Navarre must have his body, mane and tail brushed as he is aggravated by the hair and wants it gone.  Brushing him this time of year helps him to regulate his temperature it's only 32 degrees outside at 7am... and freeze expected till 9am...

Navarre has a tendency of rubbing off a chunk of his mane each summer... I am starting this brush habit in order to TRY to allow the mane to grow out as it should be instead of having to be cut off each spring to even it off again.

He is funny looking and not much of a site as a Vanner but incredible as a horse all the same.

I love how he sits like a warmblood but perfect as my old woman horse as he is so sweet and not at all like a warmblood would be.

Life is COLD... Life is good... I can only await the settle of spring and the approach of summer; looking ahead!

My love to the world...

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