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Thursday, April 4, 2013


Ok... it's April and I live in the south.  WHAT is going on?
Sleet pings off the windows this morning.

I didn't blanket the horses last night as it was warm late into the dark.  But with the sleet bouncing this morning I have the rain coat and the fleece in the drier warming them up so I can take them to the barn and warm the horses.

Yep boiling water on the stove making hot alfalfa feed mash and putting plenty of oil in their food today...  What a day!  I knew it was going to be a nasty day but the cold is unbearable.  I think my body was starting to adjust to the 40 degree nights and the 50 up degree days. 

Oh my poor horses...
I'm taking the quilted blanket for Sweet Pea and the rain coat for Navarre.  I feel so bad!

I have got to purchase new rain coats for the kids for next winter... these have just about fallen apart but... they are 4 years old now and I got them on sale off season as well.  This is how I save my money when it comes to horse care.  Plan ahead... ? (didn't do so well for last night did I)  Oh well...

I also got plants planted ... got some of them mulched with horse hair! yep! a perfect solution to my situation.  I can't afford pretty mulch right now but... as Navarre and Sweet Pea shed I simply clean my brushes and put the hair around my new plants.  Plants I hope make it through this freeze today!

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