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Sunday, April 28, 2013


The rain came in yesterday.
I made sure to give the horse a little extra oil but it wasn't enough... by the time I went back for evening feeding Navarre acted as if they never had feed or hay that morning; and Sweet Pea was shaking from the cold rain.

It's in the 50's and wet and while it seems like nothing it made a world of difference for them with no sun a slight wind and most of their winter hair brushed out.  The only thing I haven't done is slick them off.  Otherwise most of their winter hair is all but gone.

Please watch your horses in weather like this. Hay is their heat source and you must increase it as needed and decrease it as allowed. 

I am very very tight on my hay right now.  And while during the hot 70 degree days they have had 1/3 a bail between them morning and again at night in a slow / tight hay bag they got a FULL bail last night and will get a full bail again this morning....   We all have to do what is called for.  You put on more layers of clothes when this chill sets back in.  My horses are loosing their insulation and thus it must be made up for in energy allowed for them to create from their hay and or fat.

Fat heat is fast but does not last as long, thus the reason for more hay.

Yes my horses have plenty of coverage and wind resistant/ protective areas to be BUT for one reason or another they do not use it unless their hay is in the stall, over hang or feeding area.

My love to the world...
Take care of your horses...

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