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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

not yet .

I have not made it to the barn as of yet.

Yes I plan to get there, I'm just running late.

Plans for the day...
Let Sweet Pea out for grass, give Navarre one flake of hay to hold him over for a while.
Clean the water container.
Clean the barn
Water the new plants I put in the ground
Water the new plants I put on the deck
Continue to cut back the wild (not native) rose bushes on the property.
Fill up the water container as I do other things.
Give them some hay for the day
Give them some feed for the day.
Brush off Navarre and use his hair as mulch  for the new plants
Spread some seeds around the new plants...

Take the camera and take some pictures of what I am doing.
Call USPS and get them to take care of the Netherlands
Go to the bank do a transfer for the Netherlands order.

I hope to also start clearing more in the real garden section of the estate, but this spot although perfect for a garden... NOT perfect for clearing, cleaning or keeping it that way.  It is the hardest place on the estate to keep clear...
Call a neighbor down 74a and see if we can't finally get together.

Oh well on to the office work then everything above.
My love to the world.

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