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Monday, April 8, 2013

oh it hurts!

While digging 6 holes is not a big deal ... I never stopped.

Yesterday I got several things around the barn done.  Including and not stopping at cutting back multi flora rose CRAP from above the barn.  This stuff is so thick it takes hours to move only a foot or two.   I kept at it made two decent piles and found a spice bush in bloom along the way.  So I kept the spice bush and the sassafras tree but got rid of everything else.

Just because I cut it all down below the ground doesn't mean it will stay gone.  In fact it will come back all the harder BUT it will be in small spots so I can spray the stumpy growth and not effect the ground around it.

Horses are board and I can't ride them because their feet are chunking apart, but my new guy is on his way this week.  I can only hope sooner than later this week.

Well the horses are wanting more hay...
I am running out of hay...
This is the first year I have run out and I dare say I have not gone through as much as I had purchased so... something has gone hay wire with my hay? 

At any rate it is what it is and I am going out to get a job today... yes no matter ... I'm doing my billing and shipping then I'm leaving with resume in hand to hand them out today.  for ANY type of job...

73 degrees expected today! 
Much better than anything else experienced yet.

My love to the world

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