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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

HUGE changes.

I am been almost afraid to write about it... but in the past three weeks BOTH of my horses have been acting completely different.

Navarre while he followed me around from place to place; he is now somehow seeing me as the pack leader.  He is as they call it " hooked on"  ?
Sweet Pea is begging for attention!

They are both really enjoying their brushing to the point I didn't even halter Sweet Pea yesterday, only when I put her out to pasture but even then she follows me to the pasture and comes in when I call. 

Navarre is backing up on verbal command
Yesterday I decided I was going to put a hackamore on him instead of a bit in his mouth.  He did SO good.  front, back, wide front steps, and good response disconnect on hind end if going right... but for some reason not so good going left.  I've decided each time I put Sweet Pea out to pasture I'll jump on him and get some basic riding skills in.. IF it is not raining or what ever. 

He seems to really enjoy his lessons yesterday.  He ran around the dry lot as soon as I let him go and immediately came back asking for more. 


I can only hope this pattern of attention, attitude, and loving continues from them both.

A part of me things they see how stressed out I've been and how I wanted to take better care of them when I was working but couldn't.  ? Not sure but when it changes back to crazy horse and mister bully I'll let you know.

My love to the world

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