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Monday, April 22, 2013

beautiful day

Yesterday was one of the most beautiful days.
I got NOTHING done... as I took care of my kids (horses) had a girlfriend come by to meet my horses.  I so enjoyed having her see them finally! We have known each other for years and she had never seen my horses.

I still have to find that perfect Farrier.  The person I had hoped would help of course never called back and I called him four times, once more than my normal.

At any rate... after taking care of the kids I came home got food, started in on helping with some miner things in the office.

THEN... the phone rang, and a girl friend I rarely get to relax with called asked if I wanted to go for a hike and THUS the next four hours of my day was spent in the woods easy stroll with incredible things popping out in nature.  And a view that a phone will never capture.  SO I hope to go back very soon to get you all pictures.

Back to the horses on the way back down the mountain... and Sweet Pea running around like crazy...
It was so cute.
They were dumb founded when I drove past them and went up the mountain earlier in the day, so when I came back down they ran wild!!!! realizing I was about to feed them again on the way back down. 

Animals are funny and these guys are just adorable.

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