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Saturday, April 6, 2013


I am so excited... as I type all three of my birds fly around the house.  One on my head, One on the back of the wing back chair, and the last on the window seal soaking up the morning sun. 

Life is good this morning... all my plants can go back outside as I head to the barn.

I hope to be in the sun all day! We are finally getting a normal temperature day for this time of year.  So... I'm layered for the cool morning, down to easy short sleeves for later in the day.

I am excited as the grass will be perfect for the horses today, not a stressful too cold (frost on grass can cause a horse to founder faster than grass that is not) Frozen grass has so much starch/sugar to help it survive the freeze it the concentrate hurts horses.  NOT to forget it is even worse if the grass is fescue.

People forget fescue is NOT a good grass for horses.  At its worse it causes mares to loose a foal late in gestation.  but it causes small insignificant issues that add up over time.  Much like a lot of our processed foods we as "Americans" eat most of the time.  You know fast food is not good for you.  You know it has WAY too much fat, chemicals, and who knows how genetically modified it is, and what cancers it is causing down the road.  Fescue is the same thing in horses... they colic easier on it over time... they founder more easily on it over time... and once again... the poisons will kill a foal in gestation.  I've seen it happen too many times but everyone around here blames it on the mare.  IT IS THE GRASS people!

A great day is planned.

Get to the barn...
Get the feed into the cans...
Get both horse wormed. I got their paste yesterday...
Get Sweet Pea out to pasture.
Get Navarre brushed out, but save the hair for more mulch on the cold crop beds. ( taking some home if I can)
Cut Navarre's hair... mane, tail and feet... he is walking on his hair again... and the mane is ragged looking... cutting it all one length.
Brush out Sweet Pea as well... doing same as above... ( but not much hair...)

Get 6 holes dug for Raspberry bushes...
Get shrub/ tree soil ... so I can add them to the holes tomorrow.  get one extra bag for house...
OH I need more garden soil for my tomato plants I have in the house.
Price Mulch down the road...

Do research on NEW RAIN COATS for the horses for fall and winter next year.  They are both full grown so no issues.   They should start to go on sale soon.

I need to figure out a ladder up to the top of the water container at the barn.  Building a ladder of left over 1x2 should be easy enough.

I hope to bring Navarre home for a good warm bath tomorrow or later this week as the heat moves into the area!

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