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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

No post lately?

Ok, so I have been doing a few things, birds, horses, work, and property/ estate research and planning AGAIN... not to mention all the day dreaming about possibilities...

So the kick walls are in, the deviding walls go up or START up today... I'll take pictures later today!   But heat is getting to me and everyone in the South East.   It is too early to be this hot but... as life continues we each have our ways of dealing with it.

flowers to keep you happy till I get more pictures of the barn.

1st is honey suckel I planted at the estate ... an entrace welcome plant to start growing up one of my wood / ricks of wood.
I have no clue what this plant is... but it is all ove the estate... I like it but worried about how evasive it will be in the future.

Butterfly weed , I love this stuff but as usual poisen to the horses... spreads easily so I will have to keep it to the OTHER side of the estate.

Just one of the many ground covers I am trying to employ for the entrance area... wish me luck.

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