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Sunday, June 13, 2010

a HOT day in June.

For the longest I was wondering if spring would ever come, then the weather almost passes over spring and throws up into a deep humid summer heat.

Today Sunday there is a plow day at a near by farm and while I have no pictures, I did take the camera only to find out there was no card in it.  I just have to laugh at myself sometimes.

A dear young relative of mine has been in Singapore as of late and I am eager to hear of her night time andventure with animals, but we had a little adventure here as well.

Remember this is not a zoo, this is my front porch, front bedroom but I loved it!  Some of you will not like my pictures but I am happy to share.

We were so excited to see THREE bats on our front porch.  It must have been the heat, here they were hanging out on the window screen in the shade of the front porch.  Our house is ROCK, solid rock and with the sun as bright as it was yesterday I can only imagine how hot it was up on the cornice of the roof.

There are THREE... MOTHER with all her red hair, baby ONE is on the RIGHT of this picture hidden under her left wing... you can only see one foot from this angle.  baby TWO is on the left of this picture and you can see it pretty well, meaning you see a part of the head and one little ear.   

Why didn't I number them left to right... because baby one has more hair than baby two.  Two has no hair at all while one has a nice coat, one is older!  Want a better look?

This is baby TWO! see almost pink ... no hair.
This is baby ONE... see it is a nice brown color not as pink...
The mother was attentive, but apparently allowed me pretty close.  Her ears would twitch... but she appeared more worried about the babies than me.

At any other rate... my barn is coming along pretty fast... here is the latest picture of the roof, the padded flooring, and the back outside wall being up.

Roof is a neutral color, unlike most barns but this is what I wanted... Jerry wanted RED... but he liked this color as well which worked out good for our marriage! ha ha ha...

I swept the floor and laid other pads on top of it to allow them to flatten before applying them outside the barn, you will see as time goes on, but all is necessary in the plan.  

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