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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More HOT days in June, well above average

Considering everyone is suffering the heat, here are some shots I thought I would share... as it was just cool enough to get out in the due this morning and take a few pictures.   Hope this brightens your day, spirits, and cools the soul.

This is the first sunflower I got this year, I am hoping to have hundreds this year, but only a few have opened their eyes to my house, thus far....

I just about have my side area to where it re-seeds itself each year... I am experimenting with several types of sunflowers but we shall see what does best.
Borage... one of my favorite flowers to put in a salad. It taste like a cucumber but looks so pretty on top of a crisp multi green salad. You should try! They are beautiful in the garden and great for eating!

no one likes onions in their flower garden, except me... I enjoy the tangle, mangle, strange beauty of the wild plants.

A bee on its morning borage run... wet sweet cool time of the day.

Dill, some things just don't change, tomatoes, Basil and dill are all a MUST even if no real garden is in effect this year.

Lavender, I use this for EVERY THING... cleaning, medicating the birds baths... making tea for myself and sprinkeling it on food.... anything you put Rosemary on Lavender works just as well!

the BACK of the barn... not a good picture but everyone is asking for updates more often now that it appears to be a building with a purpose.

only the outside of the barn is on... but I will get to the inside soon enough...

by 9am Karl is hot and eating to keep up his strength!

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