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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I'm Doing Great!

Thank you to so many for all the phone calls, concerns, and notes of thoughts.  I am doing well!  While I still have no memory of falling off the horse, and I never expect to.

I have several other accidents in my life that to this day I can not remember and I don't see the next fall being any different.  Had it effected my daily functions, memories etc... I might consider cutting back on the hobby but not at this point.  Life is what it is and we all take a fall eventually.  If you are going to ride you have to be ready to fall.  Besides again I was only on a pad, no saddle!  I will start to put a saddle on the little guy to make a few of you feel better.  But don't expect it to keep me from falling off!  IF I am going to fall, I'm going to fall.???? it happens.

As you can see by the previous post pictures; I DID have on my helmet and plan to get a new one before I get back on.  But none of this stops me from doing ground training etc... with both horses.

I have been taking it easy this weekend, somewhat enjoyed my time off, and starting to get back into the roll of work and building.

I have done only the basics this weekend, cleaning stalls, working on the computer, and walking to get ready for Yellowstone.

I can not wait for the barn to be 1/2 ready for the horses.  SOME gravel is planned for delivery tomorrow, which means I have to have the drainage ditches done today; as I will be the first delivery in the morning.  This is a BIG step in the process of getting the horses in.  I can not work on the INSIDE of the barn until I have some of the gravel down, drainage in and mats on the floor so I can use the walls to keep the mat in better position as time and weight increase with age.   (meaning the horses will move the mats over time and only get heavier as they get older.) ?  I forget who I am talking to sometimes ha ha ha...  BUT I need to have vaper barrier on the ground below all this ... with so many things I tend to loose track of order.

I am also in search for hangers for my tools.  Brian had these GREAT hangers in his barn where no tool was EVER left on the ground, this is what I want for my barn... getting it all organized as I can.

I will take pictures of the outside of the barn later today as most of the outside walls will be up.  this is a HUGE deal for me!  I am getting more and more excited as I get closer and closer to a life long goal.

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