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Thursday, July 1, 2010

We all process life and death differently.

Today is my first day and quite frankly I wish I could just lay in bed.  I am zapped of energy to the point I asked my worker to drive this morning as I was not able to concentrate well enough to drive.

I have sense taken a nap! several in fact... something I am never able to do with the sun up.

I'm on track??? up at 5 worker and barn by 6, birds by 6:30 barn by 7:15 and it's almost 9... where I am about to go back to the horses again.  WHY?  

Well because yesterday I was at the barn by 7 and all I saw was Navarre's back side sticking out of the feed room.  Long story short... hay all over the place, feed eaten???? at free will ...and $1,000.00 later a nice vet bill from pumping out food, gas etc... pumping in oil and medications... no food of ANY KIND for 24 hours.  medications twice a day for the next 4 or 5 days, ice of all four feet every 4 hours... pads on frogs... for the next 4 days... all in preventing me from having expensive bills that start at twelve thousand dollars a horse... and shoes that I JUST GOT OFF one horse... that cost about 200 a set every 6 weeks... ? 

I can only imagine the bills parents go through with children??? I think I made the largest BEST decession in my life when I said NO CHILDREN...

So Yesterday was non-stop as usual and today will "hopefully" be a little more relaxed..

But I am NEVER this tired... So it has got to be the way my body is reacting to what ever my mind and heart are going through that I somehow am pushing out of the way to function with my daily needs and the new emergency with the horses. 

what ever... I'm on rush to horses so I can get back to work and take care of more messages, emails, shipping and try to earn money.... ha ha ha...

my love to all!

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