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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Barn at a standstill...

I can't do much more work on the barn for several reasons.
The track (door) company has put me behind, not delivering on date promised.
I need to purchase gutters.. seamless...
I need to get appt with Sistern Sister, but they too are on a back log.

All three of these things are NOT cheap and there is no way I can do them any cheaper... These three things along with more gravel are the four most expensive things to do with the barn. 

Small steps from here on. 

Update on pictures.
Above is my stall DOOR solid and it matches the grain/45 degree angels on the back wall of the barn, so it looks good from a distance. and is more sturdy for the horses...

Again this is just the inside but now all the walls are two and three layers think as where the last update they were outside walls and stall kick boards only.
I like my new horse stalls and can not wait to get the horses settled in their new place but... first a trip out west to get me settled!

ok.. for those of you who are NOT horse people this may make NO sense.

But Below is my walk through....
Having to never open a gate to get into my paster while the horses will be able to run freely.
It is too narrow and too sharp of a turn for a horse to make but plenty big for me to get in and out with no issues...  Just one more thing that makes my life a little easier on a daily basis.
This funny picture is my 30 mile fence charger... solar charged! I am very happy to finally have it up and FULLY charged now all I have to do is run the insulated wire to the fence and ground the silly thing.  This will take all of 10 minutes! So I'll do it when I get back
Pasture from the barn!
While it is not pretty yet my one area planted a year and a half ago... is so think I wasn't able to cut it with the mower, and using my bush hog that cuts through young saplings like butter... I could only cut one foot with each circle...
It took me all day to do what little is done! BUT at least I know it's good hay/grass for the horses... and the smell! I love that fresh cut hay smell.
A closer look to the holding pen till they get used to the rich grasses... Nice Clean and ready for the kids...

And finally ... getting settled in... Tools I've already had to use and find a home for.

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