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Friday, July 9, 2010

Getting EXCITED....

I'm already behind on my work to get settled for the day, but I am not down to the last few hours before I leave for yellowstone.

I can not wait.
I've double checked my ticked,
Got the camera charging both batteries,
Got both walking sticks ready with my bags... These sticks are the only reason I am having to check a bag... which ???? sticks.
Have sunglasses on my head to put with my bags,
_____Need to charge phone and pack charger.
Must figure out what I am wearing through the airport! Do I travel like a typical American in Jeans and a T or do I wear a dress?  I get help when I wear a dress... ha ha...
_____ Need to make coffee tonight so I can warm it up and drink it on the way to the airport.
_____ Need to be there by 5 am... this is easy for me, but I worry about Jerry even making it home after I give him the keys to my car....

Everyone has said... have fun... but take some good pictures...
All I can say is I will do my best, but Jerry does a much better job than I do with panoramic photography.

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