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Monday, July 5, 2010

The Garden...

I have allowed the sunflowers to take over HALF of the garden! Why because as the birds eat the seeds the seed hulls KILLS everything on the ground.  NOT to mention they don't allow much sun for the weeds to grow either.

There are several types of sunflowers in my little collection..

The Garden from the back porch...
As you can see they are thick and TALL and bountiful... I'll have to save LOTS of heads for the estate... wish me luck.
A flower in the garden area too be... on the estate.  Wish me luck in saving these guys... Although I have no idea what they are they were beautiful... but I have not had the time or the camera with me in order to show them to you.
it was a little TOO snakey???? in order for me to stick around and walk around with no shoes in order to get the two shots I have.  I'll try again on a day I have on boots and long pants.
When I get back from Yellowstone, it will be time for me to brake out the tiller once again and start in on my fall and winter gardens... wish me luck!

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