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Thursday, July 29, 2010

To Do List for Animals.

When Traveling ? this is just the Tip of the Iceberg....It goes on and on...

Animals feed bags... horses . Done...
     Sweet Pea need 15 Bags.   full scoops
     Navarre needs 15 Bags      not even 1/2 scoops
          They get two flakes each in am then again in pm, at pm extra two flakes due to extra time without food.
          Water is to be scrubbed each day, as it gets green very fast this time of year.

     Birds have bags of food, DONE in freezer...
 but they need to eat all the food in their bowls before getting any more.
          Tealie gets meds.... clear/ in water once a day or every other day as long as it stays clean
          Lolita gets meds... clear / in water once a day... her water is always nasty... ? I 'm not sure what she does to it but it's always bad.
          Maya gets food/ water NO MEDS no worries. She seems to be my easiest bird!

Emergency Cages in their room / on the floor next to their purple cabnet.

Notes for house and animal sitters.
Birds Black Mountain Vet's on main road... numbers on bird room door.
Horses, Joe if you need anything... Vet... Ford,  Ferrier is Miller.  you have numbers... so no worries there.
Emergency supplies in Trailer AND in Black Tool Box IN the barn.  Needels, Meds, and temperature contoled issues... on top of book shelf in living room by door... it is all anyone should EVER need... from hammers, pullers for shoes to eye bandages... all within dates. Double Checked ... Done.

Horse Transport, call Karl he has keys to trailer, property etc... CLEANED Done.. no hay mangers, because if a horse is sick I dont want it eating.
They have there own spot in the trailer now too... SweetPea is only loaded on the right.  it has chest and rump bars. 
Navarre is only loaded on the left, due to his being so happy he goes under or over chest and rump bars so there is nothing to hold him in.

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