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Monday, January 2, 2012

What next?

Yes I ask... What next? I've done all I can do and now after that one perfect day the ice collects, the snow falls and I am going no where.

The kids have extra hay for the night, I gave them extra rice bran for Navarre with rice oil and corn oil..  Corn oil burns hotter in a horse and I knew they would need the extra heat tonight.  I gave SweetPea extra hay stretcher in her feed tonight and corn oil on top

I'm not going anywhere! I'm not leaving for the Trek!
I'm eager to get on the road, and I love riding in snow! Matter of fact I'm likely to walk up the mountain and take Sweet Pea out anyway, but I will NOT tow my kids in a metal box at the mercy of other crazy drivers and the luck of me not hitting ice going down a mountain.  Yes I have a 4x4 and Yes I have brakes on my trailer, but really people how far is someone suppose to push it?

I can tell you exactly how far... How ever far I want!   and how ever little I want!   These are my kids and I am not now nor will I ever put them in any more danger than I do myself.  So I would not consent to riding in a trailer on ice and will not expect my horses to...

I will leave as soon as I can! But at this point it appears to be Saturday morning ASAP!

I know everyone had one of two ideas about me...
She'll do it no matter only because she is in it so deep!    or   She'll never do it at all.   NEITHER!    I will have to compromise my goals with that of mother nature, with that of reality.  I will not put myself or my horses in any more danger than the trip requires... and ice in a trailer is not required.

I have said from the start I am doing this for me and no one else.... I am doing it slowly... and I am doing it as safely as I can.  Thus the only common sense thing is NOT to tow my horses on ice just to get to the other side of town and head into an area of higher elevations that is expected to get more than us... and ALWAYS DOES...

Yes I keep repeating myself... Yes it is because I am having to convince myself... because I am dying to leave! I was so ready to do this!   So excited about everything ... there is nothing about this trip that doesn't excite me.  Even camping in the snow, or even hunkering down and camping through a snow storm would be an adventure.   But the one day I want to leave... ice and snow of all things... What luck I have!  So yes I keep repeating myself.  I am just so disappointed ...

as I pack away all my layers ...laid out for early morning dark room kind of dressing... it was all so perfect!
My Life...
My Luck!

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