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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Trip notes about Navarre.

Navarre did very well with what little time we were out.  I could never do the trip I have in mind with Navarre during the summer.  He pulled, stretched, and even took down my high line at one point.  I had to climb an embankment to get the line high enough that he couldn't pull it down, PLUS I had them over a gravel drive with a slab of concrete   so there was very little grass / greenery to be had but what little there was he was going to get to it even if he had to nimble down on his knees and squat his hind end.  Only Jerry has seen this position with me, although I see it more often than I wish as Navarre twist his head sideways and puts his front feet beyond the fence line and eat what grass he can from UNDER and beyond the electric line.

It is close to how a new born colt eats but worse.  A laugh but it is a sure sign of desperation!  I can only imagine the situation with fresh grass to be had.  So next winter I will try my little trek again, thanks to Navarre, his lack of respect to the slack in the line... and the over whelming urge to EAT all the time no matter what!

At the Vet's office Melanie summed him up perfectly... He is like weeny the poo with a honey pot.   It is not her exact quote... but she is correct all the same.  He has but ONE thing on his mind (considering he is cut) it is FOOD!

The issue with the travel is.. no matter how poisonous it is, or how dangerous the area,  he is going to eat if he can get to it.  While the kid is smart about tied up lines, doors, and problem solving... he is stupid when it comes to his stomach, as if he has NO OFF SWITCH!   As with my mare... she will eat, stop, drink, digest, and start all over.  Navarre is non stop! he could care less about water, even less about digesting anything.  He would easily eat himself to death if allowed to do so.  I can only hope your horse is smarter than mine when it comes to food!

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