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Monday, January 2, 2012

What a forecast!

While most hard and heavy horse people have been on me about not shaving Navarre's coat on the bottom half. I have to tell you... today and tomorrow are the EXACT reason I didn't.

It is dangerous for a horse to work very hard in the winter without stall protection at night.  As they get hot and their coat retains their sweat it can freeze on their skin at night.
My horses will have no protection from weather on this trip! I can't expect to find a barn for them along the way we have to take care of ourselves...  In doing so I shaved Navarre's top line over two months ago so it has grown back nice and thick but is not LONG like the rest of him.

I did not and do not plan on shaving his bottom line, as ... mountain weather like today is very typical.
Yesterday the forecast was almost 60 degrees!   A beautiful day...
But this morning the wind chill is 22 and expected to plummet down to Zero and about ten below. My little boy will need all his long hair to protect himself, thus once again one more reason my little trek is going to be slow at a walks pace instead of a good trot or even a canter on occasion. The latter two will not happen in this weather.   But no matter I am glad I followed my gut and did not shave him as I had been told to do on several occasions.    Always listen to yourself before others IF you know your area... IF you know your animals...

Now I am not worried about rushing to the barn to blanket my little boy, BUT I am worried slightly about Sweet Pea... (She never gets a GOOD winter coat, typical saddlebred breeding) I'll let you know later.

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