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Saturday, January 28, 2012


While I get back into the rhythm of life... I am getting a little better, meaning not SO depressed at my failure to achieve at least MORE of my bucket list ride than I did.   I know I did the right thing, but doing the right thing is often harder on the heart and mind than doing what you want to do, or following what drives you.    I think this is how we as a society have gotten SO out of whack when it comes to money, looks and physical things.

No... I am no better than everyone else! I'm am not saying as much, I am only saying this lack of achievement is no more or no less important than other goals people set for them selves.  Some people focus on a certain car, home, dress, shoes etc... ALL of which are fine, but if for some reason you don't get there... I'm in that same boat! This is all I am saying.

But as I get back into the rhythm of my life, the horses are the one thing that are keeping me grounded with all the demands Navarre has put on me to check on him three times a day no matter what is going on.  Sweet Pea has an abscess that has to be soaked daily, cleaned and dressed as well as I can.  

If it weren't for the "kids" ...horses   I would be in bed!   But each day is getting a little better, and I am doing more research, on how I can use Sweet Pea  getting her mind in the right frame of mind in case I can swing one more try next winter... But this is VERY penciled in, no ink being used at all.

I am cleaning house.  Getting rid of everything I can!
I am doing taxes...
I am trying to figure out a new fence for the estate... as apparently Navarre is board with the room he has right now.
new goals, and new days ahead...

life goes on... as shall we all.


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