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Friday, January 27, 2012

EARLY mornings.

Navarre is starting to ? be a PAIN!~

Yesterday as I was drinking my coffee, the phone rings.    ( I LOVE MY NEIGHBORS)  It was a little girl up the road... Navarre is in the pasture eating grass.  Sweet Pea was where she belonged.

I rushed to get on clothes...
Another call, they had put him back in.,but the fence was a total loss.  Truth be told! I was expecting it any day BUT didn't expect it to cause anyone else any concern.  I had already collected my supplies to replace some of the fence, so tools, supplies and everything were sitting there waiting for me as I drove up for early morning 6:30am repairs.

This morning as I awoke at 3 am my gut was telling me to get up go on to the barn get the kids fed and check that fence once again.

I got there this morning and the GREY (the first gate) was wide open.  Apparently never locked from when the farrier was there Wednesday!~  as I locked the gate, shining the light up to the barn I could see Navarre, but I could only hear Sweet Pea in the dark.  So all was well there were where they were suppose to be.  But the fence was grounded somewhere.  I am all too sure they would have been out on pasture by 6 am and GONE by 6:30 had I waited as normal.

One of the worst things for me to do is to ignore what my mind, heart and gut are telling me.  I have to listen... and in the last week it has paid off several times as Navarre has been determined to have grass.  At one point I was worried I was going to have to call the vet as he was in so much pain he could hardly walk.  But no hay, lots of oil and only ricebran pellets he was better the next day and playing like the baby he is the next.

Life with a mouth driven horse that can't have anything ... a pain! but I love him!

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