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Thursday, September 10, 2009


While yesterday I finally posted how my life is slow and boring… well it kicked me in the toockus….. I am still marking those little things off my to do list, when in my normal routine I got stopped in my tracks today.

The truck is in the repair shop.
Every day I turn around in a specific spot at the top of the gravel drive as it takes a sharp left above the house to the barn. This morning as I was in the middle of my turn the break starts to vibrate and I notice it is hard to steer. I back up any way … but then as I approach the gate…. No brakes! Ok now what have I done? I get out and there is fluid, not dripping but running in a perfect stream from the front of the truck. It’s not green, I would have expected it to be radiator fluid! But black, like used oil.
I called Jerry to come get me as …. I had several office runs to make this morning, so I just left the truck in it's state and got on with my day. I called AAA as I was getting my things together to leave, too long of a story, but finally got help.
I took care of my errands and called AAA AGAIN… they sent a truck, I cleaned stalls while I waited, and the truck now sits at Vee Dub…. Where the guys have treated me right for years now.

While the truck is dead, my normal back up would be having someone else come get the horse poop, but my guy just had surgery so... this time I am going to start several different Piles around the area so they can sit for a year and Joe will have them on hand. I do wish I had another way to get them to my house where I need them but…. Life is what it is and there are always issues at hand.
Like everyone else I'm just making my way how ever I can.

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