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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Can it be Almost Fall?

I've said very little but the trees are starting to show signs of Fall. The dogwood trees are some of the first to bloom with beautiful white or pinks but they are also some of the first to show signs of what is ahead.

I'm not sure what is going on in your area, but it's for sure in my area; ALL the dogwood trees are a gray ash color with hints of burgandy in the leaves. Maple leaves are already starting to occassionally fall into the horses dry lot. Leaves I hate, as they must be raked up so the horses do not eat them. Maples can cause a poisenous reaction when they are any color other than a bright green. More work for me but all the better for the garden area.... it's all a full circle.

My life is going at a steady pace right now, while mine is steady, strong and boaring I know there are loved ones out there that are struggeling with daily task as I OFTEN do, there are days I just do NOT want to get the horse manure out of the pasture, lift 20, 30 40lbs of ANYTHING! We each have our days of good and bad, we each have our own levels of what we can accept and what we can't. Mine is no better, no worse, only expressed in a different way, after all we are all human, which makes us alike and yet completely different. I love you and hope you know I am thinking of you.

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