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Friday, September 4, 2009

Rare day for a Friday.

Busy Busy day....
Birds, Horses, Work, Post Office Run, Errands getting supplies, and I'm just NOW getting back to the office.

A hard day... the brain in not working right today... I'm a little slow. Yes some would say this is normal, but I have my days were it's hard to put one foot in front of the other and today was one of those days. Iron must be really low!

I did however in the midst of standing in line at the PO find out my ONLY coffee shop in town CLOSED!!!! CRAP, talked to another contractor we'll meet up next week. Met one of my neighbors on Flat Top. One I really wanted to know! Nice Lady, enjoyed talking to her, hope to get together with her later as well. Ran into Franklin who is at the least out of bed from surgery BUT he didn't look as if he needed to about yet. Good Man!

So truly the PO was "THE" spot today.

I got my DVD's for my silly new computer. I haven't even used up the CD's I had but now my computer will not even take them.

Got the normal office supplies, ink, paper, etc...
Ran to get Bubble. YEP! I was running around with 1/2 in perf 12x12 in the back of my "farm" truck, tied up like a pig so it wouldn't go flying off down the interstate.

LIFE!!!! WORK! but weather is only barely getting back into the 80's today.

My Goal for the weekend... I want to get up at 7am just before the sun and be on my horse by 8am. Work them both, and bring them to the house in the heat of the day, let them eat my lawn and give them a shower. THAT is the goal... we shall see if it works out.

The picture... it's NOT ... IT is a BIRD HOUSE ... a mere WISH item... Trust me I never say I really want something but this ... bird house is on my Wish List. Is that not the cutiest thing you have ever seen? I can see it hanging on my barn only to be moved to the house as time/building allows.

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