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Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day... or Day of Labor... ha ha ha ...

Today was the one day I could get out of the house, office and get a few things done.

I got several stray things on my list taken care of today.

1. I got a number of plants planted at the entry way on the estate. You know the not needy plants we all wish for but rarely make the plunge.

a. One spreading ground level rosemary bush/runner flanked by two multi colored Bungle Weed plants mostly pink in leaf color, and then two mother of tyme (running styles)

b. next row was two more bungle weeds but these were a green/burgandy type flanked by two other tymes that were slower in growth.

c. more thyme and more bungle weed in the next row but this one is a deep large burgandy leaf weed. very dramatic.

I am hoping these will all grow into one tightly kept planting, keep down the weeds at the entry ; as this is a problem area.

But something needed to be done and this is one of my tries.

I also got in 10 bails for hay for the horses after going to tractor supply and auto zone earlier in the day. I got 4 more bags of pelletts (we all know they will be out all winter), returned two noflat tires and got new no flat tubes to go in the ones I already had.... 1. cheaper and 2 the replacement tires were the right size but when trying to apply them... they were the wrong size hub. CRAP!!!!!

Tractor supply skips in bolt sizes from 1/2 to 3/4 they didn't have a 9/16th... not sure what that was about... so I went to Auto zone and got 4 of the bolts I need.

I have NOT put them on the gravely yet but I plan to at some point this week.

David called and said they were getting in hay if I wanted a few bails come and get them....

I did ASAP and after loading my own I offered to allow them the rest of the space in my long bed as they had nothing but little trucks and one long bed WITH a TOOL BOX in the back which makes it a short bed.

I got mine, unloaded theirs, ran to the barn got mine in and the heavens opened and ruined the rest of their cutting. The one day in a week for 50% rain and it hits them with no mercy pur flash floods. That's farming for you.

I have to say I cut one bail open and it was warm, so I UNSTACKED the 8 I left in the barn hoping to allow them a little more air than normal. I may go back and check on them later. I am worried, but if I say anything to them they will just call me over reactive AGAIN<

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