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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Who could ask for more.

just after 11am here... still in the 60's although expected to be up in the high 70's. Our weather... they say... is getting back to more of the norm for the area later in the week; but I have so enjoyed the quirk of lows to get my work done.

I did NOT get my three tines filed, and I am planning to put them back on the machine this weekend. I am Not filing them merely because this "should be" a winter job and thus... I am putting it off so I can create my normal schedule for tractor chores. I hope to take time tomorrow to put the machine back together and let it run on the tractor for a tank full of gas at slow then moving up to high etc... then I will put the tines back on... Praying the whole thing works.

I hope to till the garden this weekend but ONLY time will tell. I have several work erands to run today, Metal at Tfab, Coating at Rhino, Bubble at local hub.... etc... life runs full speed even "off" season for bikes.

Enjoying being out not being too hot, too cold etc..

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