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Saturday, September 24, 2011

perfect start to a Saturday!

go up late...
got to the barn just after 8am.
Lilly and Brenda already there tending to the horses.

Got them brushed, picked, re-treated, they had already given them hay, I mixed their feed, brought all the horse stuff home to wash/ bleach; and headed to the feed store.

Yep! these trips never end, Vit E, for Navarre. more oil, more rice bran.
Stopped by the  Mast General Store/ Asheville  Who would have imagined the stove I have been looking for was here in town all the time...
I just scanned this, it is the box AND the contents of the box.  My scanner is a standard scan so this is smaller than a piece of normal size computer paper!   A must have, a life saver, and a weight off my shoulders! 

I have to tell you about this stove I am taking on my trip!  I mean really it has been a major concern for me!  I did not want to put something explosive on my horses back or mine for that matter.  I had read about this stove in a motorcycle magazine, and had been searching for it sense.  I had googled, binged, and msned.... stoves for months and no luck finding it!   I had emailed several of the magazine editors asking for assistance and again no help!

Esbit, Pocket Stove  it is a stove small enough to fit in a jean pocket, with solid fuel cubes.  While it is not a stove you would cook for a family on it is after all a very simple water boiling system which is all I need for my trip.    I will be making my coffee/ instant each morning and possibly on an afternoon stop for lunch as I will ask for water and soak my dinner from lunch on so it will cook faster at my dinner/ late stop after settling horses, setting up my tent etc.. for the night.

While other stove appear to be smaller, they are more fragile, AND require a gas source that is larger then the  bowl I will be using for my holding/cooking canister.

The solid fuel cells are packed not to get wet and will light with lighter ( i will not be carrying) match ( I will be carrying water proof matches and a flint piece) I will however need another piece of metal the same size for a solid surface just in case I have no perfect area for my stove.    The other nice factor is the fuel cells burn for 15 minutes on high AND will boil one liter of water in 8 minutes... so very little is required/ necessary and this will be safer on my horses!

Please note if anyone has questions call me, email me!   I LOVE this stove! Now I am starting to feel better about my survival!

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